Crafting Genius from Childhood - Dr Kathryn Murray

Brain-SET Mastery in Education

By SELIN | 18 Oct 2023, 05:51 AM

Dr. Kathryn Murray, a distinguished figure in the field of early childhood education, has dedicated over four decades to shaping the future of young minds. With a remarkable career spanning a wide range of educational settings, Dr. Murray is an Australian living in America, serving as a key figure in the world of early childhood education.

A Life Committed to Education:

Dr. Kathryn Murray's enduring passion for education is underscored by her extensive experience and accomplishments. She is not only an educator but also a mother of four happy adult children. Her impact goes beyond the classroom, as she has authored and published numerous articles in magazines and academic journals, contributing to the collective knowledge of teachers and parents. 

Dr. Murray has been recognized and awarded for her exceptional contributions, recently earning the title of "Best Early Childhood Mentor (International)." Her work extends globally, as she collaborates with international organizations and community groups to support parents and educators of young children, both within Australia and around the world.

A Renowned Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator:

Dr. Murray's influence reaches far and wide as a highly sought-after public speaker and workshop facilitator. Her ability to engage and inspire educators and parents has made her a valuable asset in the realm of early childhood education. 
Her aim is clear: to empower parents and early childhood educators to be the best they can be, ensuring that every child has the best possible start for a strong and successful future.

Extensive Educational Background:

Dr. Kathryn Murray's qualifications serve as a testament to her commitment to education. Her academic journey includes a Doctor of Education, a Masters in Learning Management, a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Teaching (Primary/Preschool), and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. 

In addition to her formal qualifications, Dr. Murray possesses numerous certificates in education-based professional development. With over 28 years of experience in teaching and education, her career has revolved around early childhood education, specializing in teaching children aged 4 to 6 years. 

She has worked in various early childhood sectors, from childcare to year 1, and has also contributed to special education and higher primary classes. Dr. Murray's leadership positions within schools have enriched her experience and allowed her to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The Brain-SET Formula for Classroom Design:

Dr. Kathryn Murray's pioneering work in early childhood education is epitomized by the Brain-SET Formula for Classroom Design. This original, research-backed formula is designed to create classroom environments that consider brain science, developmental domains, skill development, and relationship building. 

It was born out of a passion to find the most effective way for children to learn. The Brain-SET Formula addresses various aspects, from children's brain development and developmental domains to skill development and play-based learning.

The formula aims to ignite the love of learning in both children and teachers. Its focus extends to the development of essential soft skills such as confidence, independence, creativity, problem solving, and resilience. Moreover, the formula ensures that learning is accessible to individuals of all ability levels.

Understanding the Brain-SET Framework:

The Brain-SET Framework is grounded in an understanding of how the brain functions in different states. It recognizes three fundamental levels within the brain: the survival (S), emotional (E), and thinking (T) parts.
The brain stem, located at the base of the skull, ensures survival by controlling involuntary functions like breathing and heart rate. The limbic system, including the amygdala, governs emotions and the fight, flight, or freeze responses. The thinking part, located at the top of the brain, is active when the individual feels calm and secure.

Dr. Murray's famous saying, "A calm brain is a thinking brain," highlights the importance of Brain-SET in the learning process. By thoughtfully designing classroom spaces that cater to these different brain areas, teachers can enhance engagement and learning. The formula guides educators in setting up both indoor and outdoor spaces that are brain-friendly for young children.

The Brain-SET Formula in Action:

The Brain-SET Formula encompasses three critical components: Design for Learning, Feelings for Learning, and Spaces for Learning. Each of these components comprises various elements that are thoughtfully integrated throughout the classroom. Children are at the center of the planning process, and design elements cater to their developmental needs and interests. 

This approach encourages skill development and the expansion of soft skills, such as problem solving, decision making, and imagination. Flexibility within these spaces allows for gradual increases in complexity as students grow and develop, promoting continual skill building.

Illuminating the Path to Lifelong Learning with Brain-SET:

Dr. Kathryn Murray's Brain-SET Environments Formula has redefined early childhood education, emphasizing the intricate connection between brain science and classroom design. Her dedication to providing the best possible start for every child's education is evident in her extensive career, influential work, and innovative formula.

By embracing the Brain-SET Framework, educators and parents can foster an environment where young minds thrive, learn, and develop essential life skills. Her tireless commitment to improving early childhood education serves as a guiding light for educators and parents worldwide, ensuring that every child embarks on a path to a successful and bright future.