Edunovation Ghaziabad

Curriculum Canvas - Weaving Art into Learning!

10:00 PM



Mode : Onsite

Ever wondered how the magic of the arts can be woven seamlessly into the fabric of academic learning? Join us on October the 14th in Ghaziabad for an extraordinary event led by the dynamic Ms. Priya Gambhir, SELIN Chapter Director Ghaziabad for " EDUNOVATION: Curriculum Canvas - Weaving Art into Learning!". 
Step into the captivating world of curriculum design, where the synergy of art, curriculum development, personal experiences, and classroom practices redefines education. Unlock the intricacies of selecting, adapting, and modifying curricula as we navigate the innovative landscape of merging the arts with academic subjects, all seen through the unique lens of Edunovation.
Whether you're an educator, a curriculum developer, a school head, or simply curious about the ever-evolving landscape of education, this event promises to be an enlightening experience that will leave you inspired and equipped with fresh insights. 
So, mark your calendars, because we're about to paint a new picture of education—one where art is seamlessly woven into learning.

Exclusive Event, Invitation-Only Access

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