Edunovation Gurugram

Tech-Driven Teaching, Empowering Educators for Efficient Engagement

10:00 PM



Mode : Onsite

As technology progresses at an ever-accelerating pace and we abandon older teaching methodologies to complement them with new, tech-savvy practices, SELIN Club proudly presents to you 'EDUNOVATION: Tech-Driven Teaching, Empowering Educators for Efficient Engagement.' Led by the visionary Ms. Bhavna Chibber and supported by the dynamic Ms. Anuj Talan, SELIN Chapter Director.
While Educators are wholeheartedly embracing innovative technological tools to revolutionize their teaching practices, to make sure both students and teachers are better equipped to thrive in our interconnected and technologically-driven world. 'EDUNOVATION' is your gateway to understanding how these cutting-edge tools are reshaping the educational landscape.
Join us for an insightful exploration into the realm of tech-driven teaching, on September 30th in Gurugram, and discover how it empowers educators to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

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