Swadhyay - Power of Pause

Cultivating Charismatic Leadership through Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence

10:30 PM



Mode : Onsite

Join educational leaders at the Swadhyay conference, co-hosted by SELIN Club and Excelsior American School, for a transformative journey into the heart of leadership. Embrace 'The Power of Pause' to nurture your Spiritual and Emotional Quotient, essential elements for charismatic leadership. This principal conference is not just an event but a pivotal experience aimed at empowering school principals to become architects of inspiration within their educational communities.


Create space for school leaders to introspect and rejuvenate, enriching both personal and professional spheres.

Understanding Spiritual Quotient (SQ):
Investigate the essence of SQ in establishing a meaningful direction, ethical clarity, and a cohesive educational setting.

Enhancing Emotional Quotient (EQ):
Focus on the criticality of EQ for leadership excellence, fostering empathy, self-awareness, and robust community ties.

Building Charismatic Leadership:
Link high SQ and EQ levels to the cultivation of influential leadership that inspires trust and motivation.

Practical Strategies:
Equip principals with actionable strategies and resources to embed SQ and EQ into their leadership approach, positively influencing school ethos

Conference Highlights:

Keynote Addresses:
Gain valuable perspectives from prominent speakers on merging SQ and EQ with leadership charisma.

Interactive Workshops:
Participate in immersive workshops aimed at mindfulness and emotional intelligence, providing practical leadership enhancements.

Panel Discussions:
Engage with seasoned principals sharing their narratives of integrating SQ and EQ into their leadership roles.

Networking Opportunities:
Forge connections with peers, exchange narratives, and establish a supportive network for continuous professional development.

This conference is a call to action for principals to explore beyond the conventional, harnessing the 'Power of Pause' to lead with spirit and emotion, redefining the future of educational leadership.



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